Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hurray for Hoopla

I am a little bit obsessed with hoopla these days. For those of you who don't know what hoopla is you are in for a TREAT! You know those wooden embroidery hoops? Well, take those hoops, mix them with quality fabrics, cute designs and hand embroidery and you pretty much have hoopla.

I just started following a million hoopla boards on Pinterest, look at this one - awesome, non?

I'm desperate to do one for Alice's bedroom, she has Owl wallpaper and if you've looked at my Pinterest recently you'll have seen a million pins for her room, there might be a few over there on the sidebar --->> (love being able to put my Pinterest feed her on the blog, tres handy)

There's a lovely one here on Etsy that I like, but I want something more. I think I need some embroidered lettering too, I'm not sure what though. I'll keep you all updated with what I decide though (I do know the backing will be a pink gingham!) and I hope you get bitten by the hoopla bug too, I surely can't be alone in that?!

In the meantime, I've been knitting up some super cheap Red Heart yarn I got from Sainsbury's, it was reduced to about £1.30/100g and 3 balls has made a tunic for Alice and a teeny tiny Granny Square blanket (it won't stay that way, I just need to buy more!). 

Next on the list is some more longies for Alice using some gorgeous yarn I got from Jill at Knittybots. I gave her this picture and this is the yarn she dyed me

I've done a couple of full circle skirties recently too. One for a friends rainbow baby's 1st birthday, and the other a customer. I've been really please with how they turned out, particularly as I improvised the pattern. 

For now.....get your craft on!

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