Thursday, 30 August 2012

There has been an elephant in my lounge.

No one has mentioned it, but a granny stripe blanket I started last September has been shoved down the side of the sofa for about 6 months.

We had a furniture shift round and I could see it, staring at me, willing itself to be finished, do I gathered all my crochet enthusiasm and set to it. 2 days later it's finished. I'm actually really happy with it and all it's blankety goodness!

I used cheap acrylic from Wilko's and the blanket weighs in at 740g so the total yarn cost was about £15. Well that plus the 11 months of hard and tedious labour!

Enough I hear you cry, show me the blanket. OK, here she is!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Seems like a long time since I posted.

And obviously it has been, lots has happened since then, another baby being the most significant event. Miss Alice was born in April at home, as planned.

Craft wise I've been doing lots of girls knitting, hurrah!

And I have a new toy!!

Exciting stuff, Mr Attitude starts school next week **gulp** so I'm hoping I'll have more time to get my craft on, my to do list is rather large!