Monday, 3 September 2012

Chez Jo.Knit.Sew ...

I have a school age child! How has that happened? One minute ago he was but a newborn scrunchy baby wailing and feeding and wailing some more, surely?

School jumpers have been bought, shoes, book bag, lunch box, tie (wtf, he's only 4, why does he need a toe?) and pe kit. On Wednesday he'll be crossing the threshold into full time education and he won't be able to escape for at least another 12 years...scary!

Part of me looks at him getting ready to go to formal education and seriously wonders if it's the right thing? Is 4 too young to be going to school (even if you're in age 7 trousers?!) Jone education was always something on the periphery for me, not my husband, but I always thought it would be a good way of ensuring my children had a love of learning. Turns out school is what is probably best for my exuberant, boisterous, busy, inquisitive 4yr old, so that's where he's going. Still, it'll give me more time to make stuff, every cloud and all that!! (well, until the baby starts crawling!)