Friday, 1 July 2011

Wow, it's been a week already

I seem to have time on Fridays to update my blog, I should do it more often I know, but looking after 2 whirlwind boys who don't sleep very well in the evenings mean that time is pretty minimal!

Wasn't last weekend a scorcher?? We were so hot, the boys were scorchio and I needed to whip up some shorts for Sam, as all of his are a little *ahem* tight around the backside area.  I tested the sizing with some cheap IKEA fabric I'd got, the children's fabric at IKEA is so cheap it's brilliant. We love it in our house!  Turns out, a pattern hat fits Sam as trousers fits George as Boardies, who knew!!  Anyway, seeing as the pattern was the right size I made Sam some shorts out of some slightly posher IKEA fabric I'd bought.

Cute aren't they. I used this tutorial
I am falling a bit in love with making little reversible crossback dresses. Obviously I live in a house of testosterone and I'm not sure this will fit either me or the dog, so this is for the Facebook Shop. The fabric is just gorgeous, so girly, but the blue means it's great for those no so girly girls too.


 Last week I mentioned the Packer Boardies I knitted for Sam from some BBM wool. Well, here they are :o)

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