Friday, 24 June 2011

Neglectful Blogger -

Well, not so much neglectful, more busy with children, sewing and knitting. So many things on the go at the moment.

I got woolly post from The Nappy Garden, unfortunately it's not all for me but look at this scrumminess .

I've started knitting the firebird on the left for a friend of mine, they are going to be Packer Pants, but without the knee detail. So far so good, I'm into the leg knitting now and the colours are gorgeous.  The blue and white is set to be a sleuthing hoodie for babySam and the Thomas colour way more longies for a friend.

Sam's Packer Pants have been lanolised and worn a number of times now, in fact I've since done him another pair of boardies which are knitted with some lush Pixie Knits wool I got in Buy British Month over and the Cloth Nappy Addict Forum.

Other important things happening soon include an auction to raise funds for a neonatal unit where a very special little girl lost her fight for life. I'm donating this dress appliqu├ęd with an elephant, as we all know elephants never forget. I for one will never forget Eliza or her story and hope that the auction raises a load of money in her memory.

Here's is Eliza's story, taken from her facebook page.

Eliza Peggy was born at 41 weeks on 12th October 2010.
 Due to complications during her birth Eliza was born with no heartbeat. 
After attempts to resuscitate her, Eliza suffered a number of fits. 
She was quickly transfered to St James Hospital for a new cooling treatment.

Unfortunately, there was no brain function and on 15th October 2010,
 Eliza was taken off the ventilator and given to her Mummy and Daddy.
 Eliza became a star cuddling her Mummy's boobie that day.

In memory of Eliza Peggy, we're trying to raise money for 
The Neonatal Ward at St James Hospital in Leeds.

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