Sunday, 5 June 2011

Half Term...busy busy busy

Half term is always really busy. I like to get out with the boys as much as possible (and to keep my house in one piece) so there's never much time for crafting. I've mainly been knitting things in the evenings so there's not been a massive amount of progress.

Charlie Bear is progressing. I have no idea why his head is larger than his body, that's how the pattern worked it, seems a bit odd but I'm going with it!  I think it'll be brilliant when done (modest as always!) but I've semi hibernated it for a while until I finish my Charentaise, whic has 5 rows left, and maybe enough yarn...eeek.

The Dinky Toy is one of a few that came home from my mum and dad's. My sister and I played with them when we were little, they were originally my dad's and come with a handmade wooden garage. I love having them in the house!!

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