Monday, 1 August 2011

Hello Blogspot My Old Friend

It's been aaages since my last blog post. In that time we've been to France where it rained. A lot. I managed to finish Sam's Sleuthing Hoodie - which fits Geoprge now and will probably fit Sam at Christmas, as I hoped!- and am onto the feather and fan section of a Multnomah. (photo's will follow at some point!)

My mum, unfortunately washed Sam's boardies, they ended up about newborn size, with the flexibility of cardboard, so they went into the bin. I was gutted, but mistakes happen.

Sam is also growing out of most of his longies now. He seems to have shot up recently and the rise on most of them is getting too short for over his night nappies. I think I see a wool splurge coming up!

I'm awaiting wool from both TNG coop and Snugglebots coop at the moment, as well as a couple of nappies and t-shirt from Tweedlebee and Tweedlebum, I'm hoping they arrive soon before I spend too much money we don't have!

In other news, I just became a Cheeks & Cherries Champ for the Cannock area, hopefully this will help spread the fluffy love locally, I'm quite excited about it. It's busy busy busy in the Jo.Knit.Sew household!

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