Wednesday, 15 June 2011

And I'm back in!

Thank goodness. I remembered my Rav email address so was able to get back in, it only took 24 hours for me to get the memory jolt I needed.

I've been mainly boy crafting recently. But with a few girly things thrown in for good measure!  The boys are forever wanting to colour, but my house just gets covered in scraps of paper and babySam ALWAYS eats the crayons, which then need sharpening, but someone's hidden the sharpener. A solution....Chalking!!

I wanted George and Sam to have an outside chalking area, with a big enough chalkboard for them both. I bought some International Blackboard Paint and painted a piece of plyboard I found in the simple as that, we now have an outside chalking area (looking very well used!).

We go to the library a lot. We never remember to return all of the books that are loaned however, and then I have to scrabble round the house for them ready for the next time. I always use one of the cheap calico bags I got from Hobbycraft to carry books, so I decided to make one a bit easier on the eye, so George could hang it up in his bedroom. I added a little bit for his library card too, as we pretty much always lose that too. I'm hoping it helps us to keep everything together for the next time we need to go to the library.

As an aside. Staffordshire Libraries allows you to borrow children's Audiobook CD's for free. How great is that!

Finally, my friend has just given birth to a gorgeous baby girl after having had 2 boys. What better gift than this dress and tunic I had lying around.  I appliqued another of those calico bags to wrap them in, cute!

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  1. Love your outside chalk board idea, may have to make one for my little girl too :-) Thanks for sharing it xx