Sunday, 22 May 2011

Cheap Thread

I could quite happily have thrown my sewing machine throught he window yesterday. I was adding some 'old busses' to a Tshirt for George and my zigzag stitch just wasn't cutting it.  I was using cheap thread that I'd got from the village, and it wasn't picking up the bobbin thread. As soon as I changed to some thread my mum gave me it started  working again.  Hmm, perhaps I need decent thread??

I think I'll probably order some from here, I have it on good authority (my mum) that the prices are good! She's trying to work out if her account from Derby Braid is still active, I think probably not, it would have been well before computers were around (well, aside from the Commodore 64!)

But, I finished George's T-shirt, and am pretty happy with the results. There's some more pictures of Sam's too.

I also finished the knitting bit of Sam's 2nd pair of Packer Pants, if I do start to do things for more than just fun I think this is the longies pattern I would get, it's so cute, I totally LOVE the saggy knee detail!

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