Friday, 19 April 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Feel like I've had my head stuck in the craft sand recently, busy busy busy -which, I'm sure you can imagine is a GOOD thing for a WAHM to be. 

Booties have been flying out the door faster than hot cakes. I think I've done 10 -15 pairs this month and more being ordered near enough every day. Some of the yarns I've used have really looked gawjus made in to booties and I'm glad that people seem to like the yarns I already have in stock.

There's been the odd hat too!

I'm expanding my skill set to include yarn dyeing at the moment, which to date has meant dyeing my own yarn to use for Dino Sling Rider booties. I'm hoping that now the holidays are over there'll be sufficient nap time (someone needs to tell my daughter about naps) to do more and more yarn dyeing, it's fun, and you mess with chemicals and stuff - crafty geekery at it's best!  

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