Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bootie Mayhem

It seems like a long time ago I did anything other than crochet booties, I am really not the most organised person but at least try to fake it! My sister is having a baby in a couple of weeks  and I really want to make something for them, my niece is 6 next week and still I want to make something for her - maybe a silversage to go with a little peasant dress??

In the meantime, bootie orders keep coming in - I've managed to pay for our ferry in the summer from my business account, so I know that all this crochet actually has a tangible outcome! I'm really grateful for all the people that have ordered and while it can be a bit repetitive I have no inclination to stop making them any time soon!

In amongst the booties has been a couple of sewing projects. Sewing is so gratifying, it happens quickly (in comparison to yarn crafts!) and the results are great. One of my regular customers needed a crayon roll and a girl from Alice's birth board wanted a cross back dress in the Magical Garden Flower Fairy fabric by Michael Miller - it's such beautiful fabric I could fill my house with it. Not that the husband would approve however - he says it's a bit 'Mildred'

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