Thursday, 31 January 2013

Here we go again

I was thinking about the blog the other day and realised that it had been an absolute AGE since I'd updated it. I could make all sorts of excuses but I won't. I'm pretty shoddy at keeping up and an ad hoc posting schedule (see, even the word schedule sends shivers down my spine!) is evidently what works bets for me!

It seems like an age since I was doing the embroidery I posted about last, I found it really therapeutic and since then have got a few more hoops for more embroidery for Miss Alice's bedroom. Her owl applique is still ongoing, just need to do the eyes but have been procrastinating too much.

I have had a peek through my photo's since the beginning of December and there's lots I have completed. Christmas has been and gone, we went on lots of woodland walks, and I've even finished (and submitted...scary) my first ever tax return!

I finished the tea cosy I'd been working on for ages. It was my first stranded knitting project and was defnitely worth the hassle of those tangled wool moments, I also managed to FINALLY knit up some sock yarn I had from the lovely Jill at Knittybots. It was a custom dyed gradient yarn that I asked for and I have knit a lovely Kuura shawl from it. I haven't blocked it yet however - must find time for that! My sister was the recipient of the purple Route Call Cowlette (pattern and yarn from Michelle at Woolly Wumpkins) and the apron and squirrel embroidery went to my lovely friend Jo as a secret squirrel Christmas Gift. I got some lovely stitch markers and a sewing book from my secret squirrel. I love the whole secret gifting thing. Such fun!

Until next time, get your craft on!



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    1. Thanks, it turned out pretty cute I think :)

  2. I love the tea cosy I think its amazing for your first piece of colourwork. I found your blog from the UK RAK board on Ravelry. I love following craft/knitting blogs so I look forward to reading more on yours.